Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Kat's Melted Crayon Experiments

Kat's second request of the evening on Saturday was to do some melted crayon art. So, out came the crayons, the pencil sharpener and the baking parchment along with the iron and ironing board. She arranged the shaved wax on card before placing it between sheets of parchment paper and ironing over the top. We used the iron on its coolest setting and used lots of baking paper because the wax is pretty greasy and has a tendency to melt off the card so we needed to protect the ironing board. Although it does not always produce the most beautiful creations it is definitely an incredibly satisfying process.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Watercolour Mixing

Colour mixing has fascinated Jessica for quite a while now. It's a brilliant topic for experimentation and there are so many brilliant ways of playing with colours. We've particularly enjoyed using pipettes and liquid colours in the past. Today though, we just used a palette of watercolours and a brush. Jess used a crayon to repeatedly draw around a square tub and I encouraged her to overlap the shapes. She then painted each square with a different colour and was thrilled to find that the overlapping parts colour-mixed. Her preference for pinks and purples led to a somewhat less interesting image than we might otherwise have got but I really do try not to get too involved in these little projects.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Nutella Marbled Loaf

Kat was still in school while we were enjoying our half term last week so she had her one and only sleepover with us on Saturday night. Once Jessica was asleep Kat's crafting demands came thick and fast and it all began with a request to make cake. Big fans of Nutella that we are, we opted for a recipe for a marbled loaf cake from GoodtoKnow. It was very straightforward and the resulting cake was delicious. I think you can probably tell from the photo that Kat wasn't brilliant at splitting the cake mixture in half so we ended up with rather more chocolate than plain cake but no-one's complaining!

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